Monday, January 10, 2011

4 Tips to transition from a Modern Diet to a Paleo Diet

If you are just starting out down the path of paleo, then making the transition to a paleo diet from the diet you have been accustomed to for so many years might seem like a difficult step, but in actual fact, once you start, nothing will seem more natural than eating like your caveman ancestors.

Here are 4 essential bits of advice to help you make the transition to the paleo diet.

1. Remember Why You're Doing It
Keep reading about paleo and reminding yourself why you want to live this way. Knowing the terrific improvement you are making to your well being and the years by which you are extending your life will make the transition easier and more exciting.

2. Don't Worry About Getting Your Carbs
We simply aren't built to process grains, dairy and other processed foods healthfully, and the fact is that we don't need these things. On the paleo diet you'll be increasing your protein and fat consumption whilst naturally lowering your carb intake. Your carbs will come from fruits and vegetables providing you with a wealth of healthy micronutrients and plenty of energy stores.

3. Increasing Your Protein Intake
Many of your calories will come from protein, and you will be naturally eating more protein than with a modern day diet. The best protein comes from lean meats such as organic chicken and turkey and grass-fed lean beef. Lean organic meat has low levels of saturated fats, and fish - also a great protein source - will also provide you with high levels of Omega-3.

4. Make Sure You Have a Plethora of Choice
The paleo diet is effortless once you know how. The body will adapt very well to the transition and the food it is biologically engineered to consume.

The one aspect of paleo people tend to struggle with though, is knowing what to eat, when to eat it and how to cook it.

So arm yourself with enough recipes to be able to draw inspiration at any time, don't go back to anti-nutrients and fake foods, eat well and hear your body hum like the well-oiled machine it's meant to be.


  1. aimee: these posts are extremely helpful! thanks for the good info to help me (learn to) stay on track :)

  2. The biggest challenge I've had so far is not the missing carbs/dairy/booze.

    It's the convenience factor. I've been pretty good about Sunday shopping for the week's groceries (with a couple of meals in mind). But my life has also been relatively quiet, so that's made it easier.

    Whether running short on time or economical choices at a restaurant, sandwiches and other bad choices are a lot easier. Especially in the not-too-distant future when I haven't had as much foresight as I've had this winter.

    Would love to see tips for (1) planning ahead and (2) good/could-be-worse/bad choices at Wawa/fast-food/restaurant scenarios.