Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Drop Sugar, Get Smarter and Better Behaved.

From Modern Forager:

For all you parents looking to give your child an edge, check this out: Principal Says Banning Sugar Made Students Smarter.
For the past ten years, the now-trim principal has required students at Browns Mill Elementary in Lithonia to participate in daily physical exercise and eat healthy foods. Her school enforces a strict ban on sugar.

According to Butler, standardized test scores increased 15 percent at the school within the first year of the program. She said discipline problems decreased by 23 percent. Student health has improved and obesity at the school has been virtually eliminated.
It makes sense to me. We all know how hard it is to concentrate after a hefty dose of sugar and the resultant blood sugar crash. Kids become restless and hyperactive, followed soon after by an inability to concentrate.
“For me, it was not just about educating children about reading, writing and arithmetic,” Butler said. “If these people were going to be successful, I had to ensure that they were going to be healthy.
Unfortunately, most schools seem to focus solely on standardized test scores.
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